Wellness Coaching NYC

Wellness Coaching NYC

HomeBodies NYC Wellness Coaches

Health and wellness coaching can be incorporated with any NYC personal training program, or as its own program. HomeBodies created this service to guide and assist others that want to take their overall health beyond just exercise. Like our personal training programs, our NYC wellness coaching is based on your needs and your goals. Each wellness program is unique to you. This service includes:
  • Weekly telephone consultations
  • Tips and instruction for a proper diet
  • We provide you with grocery shopping tips
  • We teach you how to exercise
  • How to deal with stress
  • We identify problems that may be preventing you from being healthy
  • We create realistic goals
  • We use email on a daily basis to communicate status and updates
  • We create accountability
  • We help you build a new and healthy lifestyle
For over 30 years HomeBodies has been helping people just like yourself with home personal training and lifestyle changes. We know it isn't easy, but when you partner with HomeBodies Certified Wellness Coaches, you have found an experienced partner that will help you overcome the difficulties of change.

Mark Twain once said: "Habit is habit. It is not to be flung out of the window by anyone, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time." Together, we will be successful one step at a time. Why? Because our experience, certification, and knowledge is an asset to your overall health and wellness.

Benefits of Having a HomeBodies NYC Wellness Coach

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"Homebodies and Elizabeth Crutchfield really helped guide me to a much healthier and happier lifestyle.

Through the gentle guidance of the Homebodies (Wellness) Coaching Program, I became much more conscious of my need to “eat and think” healthy and the importance of having both nutrition and exercise in my life.

I feel great. Thank you Homebodies!"*

-Leslie Knox Johnson,
Private Investor
HomeBodies NYC Wellness Coach
1. You Want Support in Reaching Your Health and Fitness Goals - Professional athletes and corporate executives have always used coaches to help them reach their goals; a Wellness Coach will help you reach your health and personal training goals. A Wellness Coach will guide and support you using weekly telephone meetings that will keep you focused and energized through your journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

2. You Want Weight Loss Coaching to Change Your Habits Around Health and Fitness - Proper weight loss is often part of most coaching programs. Your Wellness Coach will help you identify the behaviors you want to change, develop a plan of action, and get you started. Research has shown that self-change is a staged process, and for many, a difficult process. A Wellness Coach will encourage and motivate you through the process, adjusting your plan as needed. Reinforcement is the key to change.
3. You Want to Prevent the Risk of Future Illness - With the expense and uncertainty of health care coverage, you want to avoid undue illness or injury. It is more important than ever to take responsibility for your health including proper nutrition, regular exercise, and stress management. Much of the health care you received under our current health care system is decided by your insurance company, not your physician. Also, the cost of health care is rising at an alarming rate. A Wellness Coach can provide the information and guidance you need to get and stay healthy throughout your life.

4. You Want to Stay Focused on Your Health and Fitness Goals - A weekly telephone session with your Wellness Coach will help you define your health and fitness vision and keep you focused on your program, even through the temptation to go for the quick fix. With all the programs and promises made by nutrition and exercise, you may be tempted to jump from one “solution” to the next, rarely reaching and sustaining your health and fitness goals. Your Wellness Coach reinforces a slow, steady and focused approach that leads to lasting success.

5. You Want to Stay Committed to Improving Your Health and Fitness - You will face many challenges on your journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle. When such challenges endanger your commitment, you have someone to call and talk you through difficult feelings and situations. The coaching relationship encourages you to be open and honest. When your commitment wanes, your Wellness Coach will encourage you to keep your fitness vision at the forefront. This is the support you need to renew your energy and motivation in reaching your health and fitness goals.

6. You Want Someone Committed to Your Health and Well-Being - The bond between you and your Wellness Coach will grow over time, and your trust will deepen as you reach each of your short-term goals. The trust you place in your Wellness Coach, through open and honest communication, will be the cornerstone of your success and hasten your progress in reaching your health and fitness goals.

7. You Want a Health Wellness Program with the Components Necessary to Succeed - The successful coaching process is comprised of three components, a personal health and fitness plan, on-going accountability, and high motivation:
  • Create A Plan: A Wellness Coach will develop a personalized and realistic health and fitness plan comprised of your short and long-term goals.
  • Accountability: Your Wellness Coach will ask you to work on one short-term goal each week, which are the stepping stones to your long-term goal, then follow-up the next week to determine the outcome.
  • Motivation: If you reached the short-term goal for that week, your Wellness Coach will acknowledge that success and set a short-term goal for the next week.
  • Review and Create New Goals: If you were unable to reach your goal, your Wellness Coach would help you to define obstacles and renew your motivation to try again. Accountability does not mean judgment; it is simply a tool that helps your Wellness Coach identify your individual challenges and develop strategies that will lead to your success.
8. You Want a Program that Fits Your Schedule - Weekly telephone sessions with your Wellness Coach are designed to meet your schedule, anytime, any place. Coaching sessions are convenient which means you never have to miss a session due to a heavy schedule; this reinforces your commitment to your health and fitness program.

9. You Want Lasting Results - Your Wellness Coach will identify and reinforce realistic changes in behavior that will lead to a lifetime of health and well-being. Quick fix promises rarely deliver the long-term solutions you’re looking for. The coaching relationship will empower you over time to take responsibility for your plan, your goals and the actions that will deliver lasting results.

10. You Want to Work with Someone Who is Fully Qualified - Qualified Wellness Coaches must be fully conversant in both proper nutrition and physical fitness and undergo rigorous training to become certified. This will ensure you will meet and sustain your health and fitness goals. You can be assured that you have a qualified Wellness Coach if that have received a certificate from a well-respected coaching organization, such as WellCoaches.
Contact HomeBodies for Wellness Coaching in NYC

Contact HomeBodies for Wellness Coaching in NYC

Now is the time to commit the long term future of your overall health and well-being. Contact a HomeBodies Wellness Coach and learn how you can do exactly that, in conjunction with our personal training services.

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