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Have you been searching for a low-impact way to get in shape? Instead of choosing yoga or Pilates, you can opt for another way to get in shape that is sweeping the nation - ballet bar workouts.  HomeBodies ballet bar personal training will provide you with an exercise routine that targets a variety of muscle groups, including the arms, glutes, calves, thighs, and core. By working all of these muscles, you will be able to increase your muscle tone and feel better than you have in years.

HomeBodies allows you to work with your NYC Personal Trainer in the privacy of your home or apartment gym. We can also meet you at your office gym. We provide one on one attention and ensure your workout is customized, based on your goals and your current fitness levels. Having a personal trainer allows you to work at your pace, which maximizes your exercise time as well as the results you will get.

Benefits of Having a HomeBodies NYC Ballet Bar Personal Trainer

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"This is a testimonial to Elizabeth Crutchfield and her awesome Homebodies team.  As a 21 year veteran of the company, I can attest to Homebodies' high level of personal training, customized programs, attentive service and extreme dedication.  Simply said, they rock!"* 
-Ellie Cullman
Cullman & Kravi
HomeBodies NYC Ballet Bar Personal Trainer
Ballet bar workouts have become so popular because they are low-impact, and the perfect total-body balance to aerobics. It's still a high-energy workout, but it's gentler on your joints. The ballet bar is used by dancers to ensure they can maintain tone, strength, and flexibility. You don't have to be a dancer to benefit from your personal training with a HomeBodies NYC ballet bar personal trainer.

As you advance, your personal trainer will be working with you to develop your muscle tone throughout your arms, core, legs and glutes. In addition to becoming stronger, you will develop better posture and boost your stamina. Ballet bar personal training allows you to practice the repetitive movements that will fatigue the muscles. As your muscles become fatigued, they are forced to adapt. This adaptation is what will build new muscle fibers and make them stronger.
It's often important to work with a personal trainer when you are getting used to workouts with the ballet bar because you are not always doing long, sweeping movements. Instead, you are doing a sequence of small, focused controlled movements. While it may not look like much if you were to watch someone go through the movements, your muscles are responding, and it won't be long before you feel your muscles twinge and twitch in response, which is a sign that they are working the muscles.

Every movement must be done properly to receive benefit from the workout. As you work with the ballet bar and a personal trainer, you will learn how to do your exercises properly. The smallest movement needs to have a high level of precision to ensure your muscles are benefiting. Only one on one personal training provides this attention to detail.

These exercises will help you to get the strength and the appearance that you want. A HomeBodies ballet bar personal trainer is also going to track your progress with benchmarks. These benchmarks will show you how far you have come as well as how far you still have to go to meet all of your goals.

You may not become a ballerina by enrolling in our ballet bar personal training sessions, but you will become noticeably stronger and have lean, tone, muscles.
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