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HomeBodies is one of the most established personal training services in NYC. Our friendly and knowledgable NYC Personal Trainers conveniently come to your home or meet at your apartment gym, on a schedule that works best for you. We provide personal training for clients living in Manhattan, NYC, Westchester, Brooklyn, and Greenwich CT.

We have the ability to create and customize any training program for you, based on your current fitness level, your goals, and the time in which you wish to achieve them. Take the first step towards your new body, and improved health, by contacting HomeBodies today!

Ten Reasons to Choose A HomeBodies NYC Personal Trainer

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"Homebodies was a real find. I've been delighted with their service and join the list of happy customers." *

-Jane Pauley
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You Don’t Know Where to Start - If you’ve never been particularly active or into exercise or haven’t exercised since high school, you might not know what to do, when to do it or at what intensity. 

Our home personal trainers will assess your current level of fitness and teach the best exercises to build your strength using proper form to avoid injury.

Over time, your Personal Trainer will add more weight and change-up your routine to keep you growing and to keep you motivated. We will help you set realistic goals based on the foods you eat and the amount of time you can dedicate to exercise, then design a short and long term personal training program to accomplish them.
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You Don’t Like Gyms and Wish You Could Workout at Home -You think you can’t get a great workout at home, but dread going to a gym. The good news is that a Personal Trainer can give you an incredible workout at home using all kinds of portable workout equipment, including bands, balls or free weights. In fact, a Personal Trainer can provide a challenging program without any equipment at all using Yoga, Pilates and other exercises designed for dancers. You don’t need a gym full of exercise equipment to get the body of your dreams.

You Can’t Stay Motivated and Need More Accountability - Our Personal Trainers are inherently motivated, and a great trainer knows how to motivate others. Even on the days you don’t feel up to a strenuous workout, your trainer can get you moving and before you know it, you’re done. A regular appointment makes you accountable to your fitness program, and the time and money you’re spending to get in shape makes you more accountable to yourself.

You Exercise all the Time, but Never Seem to Progress - You may have been exercising over a period of time, but don’t feel any stronger or have any more energy than when you started. We help you break through this “plateau,” by making sure you are using proper form, which is essential to building strength and avoiding injury. In addition, the body ceases to grow stronger if you do the same routine over and over again. We continually introduce new exercises to challenge your body in different ways to increase strength and insure progress.

You’re Not Sure What You’re Doing and Want Some Supervision - Proper form is one of the most important aspects of exercise and the on-going supervision of a personal trainer will help you get the most from your workout while preventing injury. How many people exercise but never progress because they aren’t exercising properly. How many people have attempted an exercise program from a book or video only to pull a muscle or get a serious injury. Our fitness experts will encourage you to work a little harder than you would on your own so you get the most for your exercise buck.

You’re Bored with Your Workout - We continually change your routine so you don’t get bored. A varied routine will also challenge your body in new ways that will increase your strength. Progress is always a great motivator!

You Have a Hard Time Pushing Yourself- Our Personal Trainers will ask you for just one more push up or just one more crunch, and “just one more” adds up to real growth when it comes to strength training. It’s easy to fall into a malaise around your workout, you tend to exercise by rote and don’t have the will to push harder. Although you might not like it at the time, you’ll appreciate that little push from your Trainer that results in the strong, lean body you desire.

You Want to Workout on Your Own, but Don’t Know How - You have the motivation to workout on your own, you just aren’t sure what to do. We develop a program you’ll be able to do on your own and make sure you’re doing the program properly before setting you free. When you feel the need to move to the next level or become bored with the program, we can develop new fitness programs based on what you’ve learned about your body and your exercise preferences.

You have Special Needs, Health Issues or an Old Injury - Check with your doctor to be sure it’s okay to exercise. Our trainers have all the proper education and experience can provide a safe exercise program even if you have heart disease, arthritis, diabetes or other condition. Our personal trainers have learned how to work with rehabilation injuries as part of their certification program. We will teach you how to exercise around your old injury while preventing new ones from occurring. If you’re pregnant or just had a baby, we have prenatal and postnatal trainers with certifications specifically designed to keep you and your baby safe and healthy.

You Want to Excel at an Upcoming Sporting Event
- Even if you’re an experienced runner, golfer or tennis pro, you can benefit by working with a HomeBodies personaltTrainer. We can observe your current fitness program and find areas of opportunity, then focus your training on these specific areas. If the event is taking place some time in the future, we can help map out a personal training program to make sure you’re more than ready, that you’ll excel. HomeBodies has tTrainers with expertise in just about every sport, and we will find one that knows your sport inside and out and you’re on your way to the winner’s circle.
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After your initial assessment and a review of your fitness goals, we will create a custom personal training program based on your current fitness goals, and how you like to exercise. HomeBodies is here for your success! Contact us today and let's you started!
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