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Benefits of Home Personal Training in NYC Manhattan New York

In the past, only celebrities, athletes, and supermodels had personal trainers. They were expensive and hard to find. These days, fitness and health have become mainstream and the demand for personal trainers has grown. At Homebodies, we believe that home personal trainers should be knowledgeable, experienced and affordable.  We have been in business for over 30 years, and during that time, we have prided ourselves on providing the best home personal trainers available.

Our NYC personal trainers can help you reach your health and fitness goals up to 60 percent faster than if you trained alone. It is a proven fact that those who work out at least twice a week, are less likely to suffer from issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and arthritis than those who do not. HomeBodies creates a customized exercise plan, one you'll stick to, lose weight, and achiever your fitness goals. All from the comfort of your home or apartment gym.

Why Use A HomeBodies Home Personal Trainer

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"I have been with Homebodies for more than 20 years and feel that they have changed my life.  They are always available, are enormously flexible when it comes to scheduling, are up-to-date on all the latest techniques, and, most important, have gotten me into the best shape ever.  I would follow Homebodies anywhere."*
-Leonard Lauder
Chairman Emeritus,
The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.
HomeBodies Home Personal Trainer
1. Motivation

Whether you are interested in beginning a weight loss training program, yoga, aerobics, Pilates, kickboxing, or spinning, a home personal trainer not only teaches you proper techniques, a personal trainer also motivates you. 

Being healthy and physically fit requires motivation and effort. It is an effort you may not put forth if you are dependent on yourself. If the weather is extremely hot or extremely cold, people generally don't venture out to the gym. Having a personal trainer home visit is something you can't put off.

Your personal trainer will arrive, regardless of weather, to give you a good workout. Your Homebodies home personal trainer will cheer you on, encourage you, and keep you from cheating on your repetitions.
2. Your Body, Your Program

In-home personal training means you have an exercise routine tailored to your needs. Home visits from our personal trainers are designed to meet every level and skill of fitness. Just starting out? We have programs in all areas and for all levels of fitness, including our beginners yoga, Pilates, and strength training sessions.

Our goal is to provide fitness for everyone. Homebodies certified personal trainers can create programs tailor-made for seniors, women, men, those who have physical disabilities, and those who are looking for fast and effective weight loss training. We offer a prenatal program, a comprehensive in-home personal training program that takes pregnant women from prenatal to postnatal.
In addition, you need never feel embarrassed when working out at home with a HomeBodies personal trainer. We understand struggles, and we care about our clients. It is our mission to establish a one-on-one rapport with you and to guide and lead you to the healthy lifestyle you want to attain.

3. Safety

Every year a surprising number of people are injured in the gym and the home while attempting to do an exercise program on their own. Having a personal trainer home visit means you always have a spotter when lifting weights. It means you always have someone who is trained in the art of exercise and who knows the correct positions, weight, and techniques for any type of exercise program you may begin.

Having a Homebodies personal trainer means you have the confidence you need to exercise, without fear of accident or injury. Our goal is to ensure your workout routine is safe and effective. We know when you are pushing yourself beyond your strength and need to slow down. We also know when you are ready to safely move up a level or degree in your fitness program.

4. Results You Can See

How many times have you embarked on a diet and exercise program only to give up after a month or two because you aren't seeing the results you had hoped for? Having a Homebodies home personal trainer means you will have an objective opinion about your progress. We chart your progress using:
  • Circumference techniques
  • BMI
  • Aerobic testing
Our clients routinely see how much they have advanced in their progress, and how much closer they have come to achieving their goals.

5. No Waiting

Have you ever been at the gym and had to wait for machines or equipment to become available?  Working out at home means you can eliminate the wait. Moving quickly from one exercise to another enables you to keep your heart rate up, and reap the benefits of a cardio workout.

Your first visit to a gym usually involved an instructor showing you how to use the machines. After that, you were on your own. Homebodies personal trainers home visits means you never have to wait or guess again. Our trainers will move you from one exercise to another, getting you get the most out of your workout. Our trainers will also gladly answer any questions you may have.
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Contact HomeBodies today and see what our experienced team of professional in-home personal trainers can do for you to help you achieve all your fitness goals. We would be happy to discuss the vision you see for yourself and detail a customized exercise plan to help you get there.
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