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Beginners Yoga Personal Training NYC - HomeBodies

Beginners Yoga Personal Training NYC - HomeBodies

NYC Beginners Yoga Personal Trainers in Manhattan New York

Yoga has well-known, reported physical and mental health benefits. It is the type of practice, once learned and executed regularly, that improves a person's overall well-being. Beginners Yoga is appropriate for all ages of interested people. It is an introduction to yoga, its tools, poses, and mental conditioning.

What is Beginners Yoga?

Simply stated, Beginners Yoga introduces poses that are ideal for people with little to no knowledge or experience doing yoga. Before a person specializes in a specific type of yoga practice, they must first learn the basic of yoga.

Yoga Journal states that this type of yoga allows you to build a good foundation for future yoga practices and helps you develop a love for what you are doing. This popular magazine illustrates how to do basic poses such as Bridge Pose, Cat Pose, Chair Pose, and Child's Pose. Each pose can be demonstrated and practiced with your NYC Beginners Yoga Personal Trainer.

Beginners Yoga requires a few essential tools such as a yoga mat, bolster pillow, yoga strap, yoga blocks, and towel are ideal for new practitioners. Other items that are nice to have include a yoga mat carrier, mat cleaner, and a refillable water bottle. At minimum, you need a yoga mat as your personal trainer may have ideas as to what you can use around your home to replace the other items suggested.

Benefits of Starting Beginners Yoga Program at Home

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"Home training that is designed to fit my needs and schedule has been critical to my loyalty to Homebodies for almost 24 years.  I adore the Homebodies philosophy.  All trainers focus on aerobics, strength training, abdominals, and flexibility.  They assess my status regularly and the workouts are designed to challenge my abilities. Homebodies also offers yoga, which has been an excellent addition to my weekly regime.  Yes, it's a luxury, but my health and well being are worth it!"*

- Patty Bayer Troup
New York City
HomeBodies NYC Beginners Yoga Personal Trainers in Manhattan New York
Beginners Yoga personal training is ideal for any age person of any body type. All that is needed is the desire to learn, and a willingness to practice what the teachings of your personal trainer. As long as you remain open to the experience, you will feel the benefits from it physically, mentally, and possibly spiritually.

There are many health benefits that come with Beginners Yoga Personal Training. It is the type of practice that strengthens the mind, body, and soul. It fulfills the physical need for movement, the mental need for familiarity, and an inner yearning for peace and tranquility.
  • An increase in flexibility.
  • An increase in body strength and muscle tone.
  • An improvement in energy, vitality, and respiration.
  • Better control over the balance of the body's metabolism.
  • A reduction in weight.
  • Improvements in cardio and circulatory health.
  • Better performance as an athlete.
  • Increased protection when injured.
Mental health benefits attributed to Beginners Yoga are just as numerous. For example, the way a person deals with stress improves with a regular yoga practice. It teaches you how to breathe deeply, feel a sense of calm, relax the mind, center the attention, and become more aware of thoughts and actions.

Studies on how yoga improves one's physical and emotional well-being are well-documented. One group of researchers from Britain found that doing yoga regularly helped with inflammation by suppressing genes and genetic pathways responsible for the condition. Other benefits include:
  • One-on-One AttentionIn a yoga class, time and attention are limited. It is divided amongst attendees which can be very discouraging for beginners who are trying to master different poses. With the help of your trained yoga personal trainer, you can find the style of yoga that works best for you, your body type, lifestyle, and schedule. That way, you will get the most from every training session.
  • ConvenienceWith the HomeBodies program, practitioners do not attend class in a yoga studio to get started. In fact, they are able to do from the convenience of their own homes or apartment gyms. For men and women with busy personal and professional schedules, this type of personal training program is ideal as it can be done anytime day or night.
  • PrivacyMost people new to studying yoga feel self-conscious about training with other practitioners. Beginners Yoga Personal Training offers you privacy not available when you attend classes in crowded gyms or yoga studios. 
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Contact HomeBodies for Beginners Yoga Personal Training at Home

Our Beginners Yoga Personal Trainers introduce and teach you the proper way to do yoga. You will have a good base of knowledge to build your practice upon because you will know the name of each pose that you are going into as well as how it strengthens your body and eases your mind.

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