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Even the most experienced fitness gurus hit plateaus in their workout where they simply become bored with their routine or begin to experience less than desirable results. In fact, after about six weeks, your muscles can adapt to your regular exercise routine, making your workout mundane and harder to see results. When this occurs, it is not only frustrating but can also deter you from working out altogether. 

The truth is, your muscles need to be always challenged to continue to experience results; however, some exercises simply lack enough variations, which can cause your efforts to fall flat after a while. 

Home Kettlebell Personal Training in NYC offers an excellent way to build strength, cardio, and endurance in just one exercise, and it is versatile enough to modify your routine often for continued results. It can even be combined with your favorite fitness routine for improved results in half the time. 

What is Kettlebell Personal Training? 

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Kettlebell training is essentially swinging kettlebells in an up and down fashion as part of a fitness routine. They are circularly shaped weights with a handle attached and come in sizes ranging from 5 pounds to 100 pounds to fit various fitness levels. 

Training with kettlebells differs from other forms of exercise in that it utilizes a variety of moves that target every detail of training including, strength, balance, agility, endurance, and cardio endurance. Furthermore, it is both challenging and effective and only requires a single piece of equipment.

The general idea of kettlebell training is to hold the weight in both or one hand and perform different exercises. Some variations include the high pull, the snatch, the two arm swing, and more. The momentum required to exercise with kettlebells focuses stabilization of the muscles as opposed to traditional dumbbells that rely on slow, managed movements. Kettlebell movements mimic the natural movements of the body, which means they can benefit your muscle’s strength and tone. 
What are the Health Benefits of Kettlebell Training?

The overall benefit of kettlebell training is that it provides an excellent way to get a full body workout in just a small amount of time. Additionally, it offers a multi-joint workout by swinging the kettlebells, which is great for developing strength in the back, shoulders, hamstrings, glutes, and more provided the exercises be performed correctly. And that is probably the most important reason you would want to work out with an experienced kettlebell personal trainer.
  • Kettlebell personal training increases your heart rate and keeps it elevated throughout your workout, which burns calories as long as you are diligent at your work. In fact, a kettlebell workout is equivalent to the benefits you receive in cardio class but with the ease of performing yoga and the added benefit of strength training. 
  • Kettlebell exercising enables your body to flow from one exercise to the next, similar to yoga, so it feels natural for your body to perform the routines. Jumping can sometimes be hard on the joints, which can cause them to deteriorate, whereas the fluid movement used to engage kettlebells to require less stress on the joints. 
  • The swinging motion required to move kettlebells or to switch them from one hand to the other need muscle coordination and mobility making kettlebell training an excellent way to improve balance and motor skills.
  • Kettlebell training is frequently combined with other workouts for improved results. Due to their versatility and size, kettlebells can be incorporated into just about any fitness routine, including Pilates, kickboxing, and any aerobic conditioning for added strength training, which burns more calories and helps keep you toned. 
Lastly, Kettlebells are easy to use, so they are just perfect for any age and fitness level; however, it does require a guidance and practice. Once you have mastered kettlebell training, it is an excellent way to improve your overall health and build coordination and strength for carrying out everyday activities, such as lifting groceries or small children and more. 

Who Should Consider Kettlebell Training? 

Kettlebell training tones and tightens the entire body. Also, the added muscle involved helps burn more calories, which can help you lose weight. Therefore, it is ideal for those who wish to lose weight, inches and become more toned. In fact, studies show that the energy burned in a typical kettlebell session is about four hundred calories per minute during a twenty-minute session.

Kettlebell training is also beneficial for those wish to improve their posture. Since this is an exercise that utilizes core strength, it calls many muscles in your back and beyond to come into play, which helps strengthen your body and improve your posture. However, the key is that you must perform each movement correctly. 

Also, kettlebell training is also excellent for those who want to improve the shape of their derriere. The kettlebell swing, which is the foundation of kettlebell training, engages your hips, thighs, and buttocks for toned hips and thighs and an impressive back view. 
Contact HomeBodies for More Information About Home Kettlebell Personal Training

Contact HomeBodies for More Information About Home Kettlebell Personal Training

Kettlebell training, done on your own, can be ineffective if the movements are not performed correctly. HomeBodies Kettlebell Personal Trainers will help you learn proper technique, so you experience maximum results and avoid injuries as a result of performing the moves improperly. 

HomeBodies personal trainers are highly skilled and experienced in creative kettlebell routines, so you never miss an opportunity, and your workout remains effective. We come to your home for added privacy and comfort, and can also set up regular exercise routines at your apartment gym or your office gym. 

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