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Vinyasa Yoga Personal Training NYC - HomeBodies

Vinyasa Yoga Personal Training NYC - HomeBodies

NYC Vinyasa Yoga Personal Trainers at Home Manhattan NY

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa Yoga is a powerful form of yoga that helps practitioners connect to their minds and bodies. It is popular throughout the United States because it coordinates breathing with each yoga pose. Vinyasa also describes a series of poses from Chaturanga to Upward-Facing Dog to Downward-facing Dog.

Vinyasa Yoga is a form of freestyle Ashtanga Yoga. Its poses are fluid with the breath. Hot Vinyasa Yoga is done in a room where the temperatures are turned up. It helps practitioners sweat off excess calories and lose weight quickly.

Many people turn to yoga as a form of therapy. It allows them to express themselves freely, deal with problems in their past, and even deal with stressful or traumatic experiences effectively. When paired with breath work, visualization, sound, and meditation, a personal practice is born.

Health Benefits of HomeBodies Home Vinyasa Yoga Program

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"As an actor, I need to know that my body is functioning at its peak, and HomeBodies has challenged me to strive towards that. Trust me, you will not find this kind of service at any gym.  I tried them all!"*

-Victoria Clark,
Tony-Award Winning Actress
NYC Vinyasa Yoga Personal Trainers at Home Manhattan NY
Vinyasa Yoga benefits the body, mind, and soul of the practitioner in many ways. It is a great stress-reliever and the perfect type of yoga for intermediate and advanced practitioners who already has a base knowledge of yoga poses. Here are some of the health benefits associated with our home Vinyasa Yoga program:
  • It gets stationary bodies moving. If you work a job where you are in a seated position most of the day, you will look forward to a Vinyasa Yoga personal training session because you will be moving your body fluidly. It allows you to address tension in your neck, shoulders, and back, too, so you are not as stiff.
  • It trains the mind and improves focus. Vinyasa Yoga practitioners start by focusing on the breath. They then turn their attention to the movement of their bodies. As with other types of yoga, it is essential to have a clear mind so that you are able to get the most out of your practice. The flow of Vinyasa Yoga feels natural which allows practitioners to literally 'go with the flow' and focus their attention on the moment.
  • It makes self-care a priority. Healing the traumas of the past is an important benefit of Vinyasa Yoga. The muscles in the body hold onto fear-related emotions such as anger and sadness. By regularly practicing yoga, it allows the tension to move out of the body and into the mind where the traumas can be acknowledged and healed. This allows the practitioner to be mentally well as well as physically well.
Vinyasa Yoga is about conditioning the mind and body. It's a practice that men and women of all ages and occupations can appreciate. 

Any job or life situation that is even mildly stressful is enough to create the type of tension in the body that Vinyasa Yoga addresses. Learning proper stress management is well documented to contribute to improved health and well-being.
  • Convenience - Vinyasa Yoga personal training with HomeBodies is convenient. Personal trainers are available to meet a practitioner's needs and busy schedule. Since the training sessions are done in a man or woman's home or apartment home gym, they can be done anytime during the night or day. A busy work schedule does not have to prevent you from enjoying the benefits of Vinyasa Yoga. It simply means that you will have to set aside for a time in the morning, afternoon or evening hours for your practice. Having a personal trainer to work with solidifies the experience by holding you accountable for your actions during your training sessions.
  • Privacy For some practitioners, privacy counts big time. It ensures that they can practice yoga freely without being self-conscious. That is one of the many benefits of Vinyasa Yoga personal training. Men and women can practice it with a personal trainer in the comfort of their own living rooms.
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A Vinyasa Yoga personal trainer makes sure that you are getting the most out of each yoga session you participate in. He or she goes the extra mile to teach you the basics of Vinyasa Yoga so that you are knowledgeable about its origins, poses, and benefits. If you have not scheduled a personal training session at home or your apartment gym with HomeBodies, it is time that you did. It is the type of experience that changes your life.

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