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Pole Dancing Personal Training NYC

NYC Pole Dancing Personal Trainers in Manhattan New York

Pole dancing personal training is one of the most "total body" exercise programs you can practice. It is an art form that offers beginner and advanced dancers a full-body workout that you will not find in any other discipline of dance. While pole dancing has always been associated with men's clubs, today it is under consideration for becoming an Olympic sport. There are three types of pole dancing:
  • Artistic
  • Sport
  • Sensual
Your HomeBodies NYC Personal Trainer can help you decide which discipline you want to study and perfect. Pole dancing can be a complex and challenging type of dance. If you are not wearing the right clothes or position your arms and legs just right, there is a high risk of injury. Your NYC Pole Dancing Personal Trainer will guide you through the basics up to the advanced moves, showing you the right techniques and the right way to move your body so that you look good and get the workout you are looking for, without injuring yourself in the process. 

Benefits of a HomeBodies NYC Pole Dancer Personal Trainer

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"Home training that is designed to fit my needs and schedule has been critical to my loyalty to Homebodies for almost 24 years.  I adore the Homebodies philosophy.  All trainers focus on aerobics, strength training, abdominals, and flexibility.  They assess my status regularly and the workouts are designed to challenge my abilities. Homebodies also offers yoga, which has been an excellent addition to my weekly regime.  Yes, it's a luxury, but my health and well being are worth it!"*

- Patty Bayer Troup
New York City
HomeBodies NYC Pole Dancer Personal Trainer
When you sign up for pole dancing training services, you will tell your trainer the goals you want to achieve whether it is weight loss or toning a particular part of your body. Your goals will determine the route they take to get you the perfect pole dancing workout. Clients interested in this type of personal training must have their pole. We can train at your home, apartment gym, or your office gym.

Pole dancing is a low-impact, full-body workout. In pole dancing, you work every muscle in your body but without the high impact on the joints like weight lifting or jogging. In addition to the full-body results, you can find pole dancing can make you feel better emotionally.

Many people that take up pole dancing as an exercise program experience a higher self-esteem. This is a workout where you can have fun while getting the body you have always wanted.
Pole dancing works every muscle in your body. It works your arms and legs, abs and back. It is truly a full-body workout that you will not find anywhere else. In just an hour a day, you can quickly achieve a toned body. You will become more flexible, stronger and more confident all with one low-impact workout.

Pole dancing enthusiasts are enjoying an art form that allows them to perform in all types of dancing venues, and they are now attempting to have it included as an Olympic sport. This is truly a sport all on its own that offers a workout that benefits the entire body. When you enter into your pole dancing personal training, you will find that your pole dancing personal trainer is there to guide you from start to finish. You will have fun while meeting your goals.
Contact HomeBodies for Pole Dancing Personal Training in NYC

Contact HomeBodies for Pole Dancing Personal Training in NYC

Please contact HomeBodies for information about starting, or adding pole dancing workouts to your fitness program. Most pole dancers are in the best shape of their lives, regardless of their age. Please contact us today!
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